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West Edmonton Mall

Rock N' Wall

  • The Rock N' Wall located in Galaxyland.
    The Rock N' Wall located in Galaxyland. Shown here is the right side of the column, which is the most advanced route.
  • The instructions and rules for the Rock N' Wall.
    The instructions and rules for the Rock N' Wall.

The Rock N’ Wall is an attraction located in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland.

The attraction is a rock climbing wall. The wall is a column of imitation rock, with three different sides representing three different ‘courses’ which climbers can choose from. 

Climbers are fitted with a harness, and attached to a safety line which hangs from the top of each course. They are then free to attempt to reach the top of their chosen course.

The most difficult course features a ‘grab the cash’ challenge. The challenge dictates that the clumber must ascend the most difficult (advanced) route, and if they can make it to the top and reach a $50 bill, they can keep it. Because of the prize, the advanced route is on average, 35% more expensive than the other routes.

The advanced route was designed by a local indoor climbing facility: Vertically Inclined Rock Gym 

The attraction is situated between The Shoot Out Saloon and the Space Bump

Rock N' Wall

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: Unknown

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