Blue Thunder Wave Pool

The Blue Thunder Wave Pool is without doubt, the largest, and most popular attraction in West Edmonton Mall’s World Waterpark.

The pool was constructed in such a way that it mimics the a lake on a beach. Instead of climbing down a ladder, or jumping in from a ledge, swimmers simply walk into the pool from the ‘beach’.

The pool is equipped with 6 wave bays, each with two panels, for a total of 12 wave generating panels. While in the early years of the park, all panels were active, the 2 outermost panels on each end of the series have been deactivated. The strong waves generated by all 12 panels has proven to be too powerful, so the intensity has been reduced.

The waves do not run continuously, but rather on for several minutes, and then off for several minutes. Before they begin, a loud fog horn is blown in the park. (It has become an unofficial tradition for swimmers in the area to yell or scream at this sound, in anticipation of the waves).

The pool allows the use of tubes when riding the waves. One can carry their tube to the deepest allowable area, board it, and simply ride the waves back to the beach.

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