Cosmic Spinner

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: Unknown

The Cosmic Spinner is a thrill ride in Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall.

The ride features an outer space theme, and is decorated with stars, planets, nebulas, and more. It has 4 cars, each with seating for 8, bringing the ride’s capacity to 32.

Each of the rides’ 4 cars are attached to the center pedestal via an overhanging arm. As the ride begins, the center pedestal spins its arms around while slowly lifting and lowering them. At the same time, the riders’ cars start to spin around independently.

The ride experience is somewhat close to that of a Tilt-a-whirl. While the actual manufacturer of the Cosmic Spinner is to be determined, it is quite similar to the Sombrero by Zamperla.

The ride is located beside the Autosled, where the Moto Jump was once situated (before it moved to a location where the carousel occupies today, and finally to its present location beside the Solar Spinner).


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