The ‘Hasbro’ Games Wall

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1983

The Hasbro Wall Games area is a small attraction within Galaxyland powered by Hasbro, formerly known as simply Galaxyland, and prior to that, Fantasyland.

Prior to the Hasbro announcement for the park, the wall consisted of three choices of games: a Water gun race, Roll A Ball, and a Balloon popping dart game.

In the past, playing the games cost $5 per player. Today, this is still true, however an all-day-pass to the amusement park includes a free wall game. (The term ‘Free’ is open to interpretation, due to the fact that when this inclusion was introduced, the price of the pass increased by around $5).

Still, the games offer the opportunity to play an old fashioned carnival game with a chance to win a prize, usually a stuffed plush character toy. The more players taking place, the larger the prize.

On Dec 18, 2019 the Hasbro licensing deal with Galaxyland was announced. The wall games were already being re themed, with Mr. Potato Head on the water gun game, and Monopoly as the theme for the Ball Roller. The dart-popping game was removed and replaced with an oversized version of Hasbro’s Operation.


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