Zero Gravity (Trouble)

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2017

Around Oct of 2016, construction began making room for a new ride in Galaxyland, West Edmonton Mall.

The ride is located directly inside of the the park’s main west gates, in the former location of the Carousel and the Flying Galleon, both of which were displaced from that area due to the overhead casino expansion. Logically, the new ride would not be as tall as either of the previous rides in its current location.

In Nov, 2016, signs around the construction announced a promo in effect to name the new ride. The winning name was the Zero Gravity. The ride is an advanced thrill ride. Riders require a height of over 53 inches.

Riders are seated in pairs, in ride-cars laid out in a circle. The as the circle of riders starts to spin, riders are able to use a control stick to rotate their car vertically, flipping forward and backward while spinning in a horizontal circle.

During the parks Hasbro Transformation in 2019/20, the ride was re-themed to represent Hasbro’s pop-o-matic board game: Trouble.

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