The Drop of Doom

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1985
Year Closed: 2001

The Daring Drop of Doom (known to most as simply the Drop of Doom) was a ride in Fantasyland, and then Galaxyland, of West Edmonton Mall.

The ride was a first generation drop ride, manufactured my Intamin Amusement Rides. Just like its successor (the Space Shot) still is today, the Drop of Doom was the world’s tallest indoor tower ride. 

Riders were loaded into a car, which had a capacity of 4 seated side by side. It was lifted to a height of around 120 feet, and held there for several seconds. Suddenly, a loud buzzer would sound, and riders would experience a free-fall drop down the tower. Afterward, the track would extend and curve forward, tilting the riders car onto its back, and slow to a stop. The car would then lower below the track, and return to the loading area.

It was one of the most popular rides in the park during its tenure. However, as the ride aged, it seems maintenance issues forced its removal. It’s likely that the 4 person capacity would have been taken into consideration, as its successor, the Space Shot, can hold 12 persons at a time.

The Drop of Doom’s removal allowed for not one but two rides to take up homes in its place.  This was due to the Drop of Doom requiring a long track where its riders would slow to a stop. The tower section is now home to the Space Shot, which uses the same loading area as the Drop of Doom once did. The Drop of Doom’s extended track and car return areas made way to what is now the home of Quirks in the Works.

The ride was not scrapped altogether, despite its age. It is still giving riders thrills to this day, rebranded as the Hollywood Tower, in its new home in Movie Land Park, Italy. 


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