The Zipper

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1985
Year Closed: Unknown

The Zipper was a ride in Fantasyland in Canada’s West Edmonton Mall. Manufactured by Chance Amusements, the Zipper is a favorite attraction at many traveling carnivals and fairs world-wide. Because of its popularity, it was an easy selection to be included among the rides at Fantasyland.

Unfortunately, The Zipper was not designed for full time placement – it was developed for traveling / seasonal use. This meant that when it was disassembled, parts could be easily inspected, maintained, and replaced.

Since The Zipper was ran full time without regular disassembly, Fantasyland’s version was under more stress and wear than typical use. It did not benefit from the regular intervals in which it was taken apart and rebuilt, which greatly assisted in prolonging, or even negating, issues caused by wear.

It was removed from the park before the transformation from Fantasyland to Galaxyland.

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