The Autosled

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1985

The Autosled is a roller coaster located in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland amusement park, formerly known as Fantasyland. The ride launched in 1985 with the opening of Fantasyland, and today remains largely unchanged since that time.

Up to 20 riders are loaded into the coaster’s 10 cars, although two full size adults may be hard-pressed to fit into a single car. The ride launches with a slow rise up the wheel-propelled climb where it turns to ride a downward helix to the right, followed by a fast but gentle drop. The coaster travels on a level plane before experiencing another two helix turns, passing through a photo section, and finally coming to a stop at the station.

Of the custom coasters in the park, the Autosled is considered the most junior coaster the most junior of the three. It is situated at a pace fit for young ones who have graduated from the generic Dragon Wagon coaster, and have not yet worked themselves up the to the Galaxy Orbiter. However, the Autosled is a fast, thrilling, fun ride for riders of all ages (who happen to be over 43 inches tall).


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