Fantasy World

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1985
Year Closed: 1994

Fantasy World was the original name for the children’s play area in Fantasyland in West Edmonton Mall.

The area was decorated with hot air balloons, oversized pencils (acting as fencing), larger than life dominoes, which children could walk through, and dark tunnels built into the faux rock.

Early on, one of the hot air balloons actually acted as a ride. An operator would take children up and down on a platform high above the play area. However, it was closed before the area was transformed.

The area today is in the same location, but with a new name: Galaxy Kids. While some of the area slightly resembles the original state, Fantasy World and the decor it once had was washed away when the park changed its name from Fantasyland to Galaxyland in 1994/95.


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