Fantasyland Express

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1983
Year Closed: 1994

The Fantasyland Express was a amusement train ride operating in West Edmonton Mall’s Fantasyland.

The ride’s current presentation as the Galaxyland Express is one of the few remaining original rides in the park. The train changed its name and look when, in 1995, the park was re-themed into its current space theme.

The ride consisted of a single station, themed in old time style. The train had three cars, and shuttled passengers around Fantasyland. In 1989, the track circled what was phase one of Fantasyland, and later expanded when the park expanded in 1985.

The path has remained the same throughout the years, though the theming has changed. Other than the train and the station, the biggest difference is that the contents of the tunnels have been updated. The tunnels were originally a haunted theme, with several animatronic monsters popping out from behind objects. Very young children would often find these too frightening, thus the update to the space theme, which as seen as more fitting for families.


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