Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1983
Year Closed: 1995

The Orbitron was a ride in Galaxyland, and Fantasyland, in West Edmonton Mall.

The ride was situated behind the Zipper, on a platform which also hosted the UFO Maze. The ride was manufactured by Zierer, and is known elsewhere in North America as the Witch’s Dance. The ride could hold 48 passengers in 24 cars.

The ride has 12 ‘spokes’ which would extend from the center of the ride. Each ‘spoke’ would end with two cars which would rotate in a (vertical) circle. Each spoke would rotate its two cars in a (vertical) circle, while the entire ride would spin in a (horizontal) circle. 

The ride was replaced with the UFO Maze after it’s closure, before the space was removed completely to make room for the Galaxy Orbiter roller coaster. The concrete pedestal and ticket booth both remain to this day.


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