UFO Maze

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: Unknown
Year Closed: 2005

The UFO Maze was a ride-attraction in Galaxyland. The ride opened sometime after the park changed its name from Fantasyland in 1995. Prior to this, the space was home to the Orbitron ride.

The ride-attraction was a labyrinth. Guests would walk through the attraction, and attempt to find the correct path. Steel paneled walls separated possible walkways though the maze. The paths were not changed on a regular basis, resulting in repeat ‘riders’ walking through the very same path each time in order to complete the maze.

The outside of the maze was styled as a plain but convincing UFO, however the ride was criticized for its lack of theming on the interior. The maze experience existed in fully lit, plain and non-decorated atmosphere.

The UFO Maze remained open until 2005, when it was removed to make room for the final twirling section of the mall’s newest roller coaster: The Galaxy Orbiter


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